Thursday, February 24, 2011


its has been such a hectic2 day??weeks??month??
all the above actually..aritu igt pas assessment n AFP..
bleh ar chillex like 1-2 weeks gitu..
xde makna nye..after long weekend..naik2 kerja terus menerpa..
one after my boss said..
its about time for me to slowly learn to cope with new "task" (da lepas assessment kata..)

so has been happening since then??
1) of the most tense weeks or month of the year...masa ni nk tgk org sumer seyes gilers...hahah

2) PPA..damn i hate to do dis..penat wooo nk karang what i've been doing for the last 1 kene wat gaks..responsibilities as good worker..rite??

3)board papers...cos its sort of that time of the year...lots n lots of board papers cos it almost the end or sendiri mau igt..

4)what eva things come to me...:P

consequences of all the above??apo laie..mkn xtentu masa...naik berat like nobody biz..
so....nx month..trying my very best pegi gym at least...baca tu least tau..hahaha
3 times a week..insyaAllah..

but over n above all that..i'm so glad ada in house training kt kl convec..sbb.....
yummeh food...good coffee...n great smoothies!!!

blasah sblm ke gym yo!!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

si ketots irfan

he has grown tremendously..see it for your self...

2 days after born...

after 40++ days...

so u see...betapa gebok irfan da jd kn...inilah hasil susu ibu...hikhik

Thursday, February 10, 2011


alhamdulillah...segala puji dan syukur ke hadrat Ilahi..

my hard work has been repaid..


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


relief...thats what i feel now..
even the result is still least the scary part has passed..
but for a moment..i do feel nervous about the result..for lots of reason...
after a while...i manage to pull my self together..
so for now...lets wait for the result..
hopefully it will be a good news..