Saturday, August 22, 2009

selamat berpuasa

pejam celik...dh puasa balik..:D

2nd year puasa as wife..apa beza puasa as wife n time single mingle dulu..

byk beza nyer...:P

firstly..dulu aku xyah susah2 bgn sahur..bgn kul 5++ minum air masak kt sebelah katil..cos aku mmg x sahur..xde selera..then tdo balik...kekeke

but now..bangun kul 4...siap kan sahur tuk hubby..hehehe..teman kn dia sahur..kemas2..basuh pinggan sumer...baru leh tdo balik...:P

second..dulu xyah ssh2 terkejar balik tuk buka..cos my mum masak...or mkn luar ngan tariq..

but now...have to rush back..try nk masak..last year aku byk msk dr mkn luar...(achievement tuh!!)...kuikuikui... ramadhan..bulan tuk menguji kesabaran kita...

k guys..selamat berpuasa!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my fav month

time flies...without us notice it so has been almost a year..i tie a knot with my love..:D

it is the same month..i was born 28 years back..:D
august mean so much to me...
let's wed was 080808..what a number huh...:P happiest time of my life so far..we've been through so much as husband n wife(even its only been a year!!)'s a process for us to get to know each other better..its different relationship compared with us as a gf n bf i would say..i'm lucky to have husband like tariq (puji ckit!!)..:p

he's so patient with me..only we both know what i'm talking about..thanks for that..really appreciate it...luv u so bebeh...:P
enough about about my birthday..

i never have a party for my birthday...seriously..its not the way i brought birthday party what so ever...just a simple wish from my mum n birthday present from my dad always be the last to wish..with a hug n kiss from him..

first birthday cake i got for my 15th birthday..from my best friends...after that the birthday cake keep coming every year...hehehehe i said..i'm 28 this year..for me its just a number..wouldn't care so much...just enjoy my life gracefully...risau pun..kita tua gak kan...hehehehe

i would like to qoute my GM nyer kata2...

"jgn fikirkan birthday as umur bertambah, its actually remind us..we are 1 year closer to death...."
deep serius...thats my GM nyer kata2..i adore him..:D such a wise man...

thats all from me for now..cheers...enjoy ur life guys!!